Freedom Series Read America’s story the way it used to be told.

The Freedom Series is 12 volumes of stories gathered from pre-1923 literature for young people. These books provide a wonderful foundation of American heritage to build upon.  Use the books as a resource of stories to adapt and re-tell, to read aloud together, or as personal study.  And then supplement and expand that learning with additional reading linked to each of the titles below. The writers of this era were very concerned with teaching rising generations how to hold on to a Republic and remain free, so you find lessons in liberty woven throughout the stories.  The Freedom Series will give your children reasons to love America, will show them what “good” looks like, and will help them value freedom. You will “feel” the difference.

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       Exploration-1500’s              Colonization-1600’s           Independence-1700’s              One man of virtue           Online Library                    Online Library                   Online Library                     Online Library


        Two Revolutions                 A light upon a hill                Expansion-1800’s           Steering a Nation in Crisis
         Online Library                      Online Library                     Online Library                     Online Library


       A Nation Re-United           A World Power-1900’s          Putting it all together             American Heroes 
         Online Library                      Online Library                      Online Library                   Online Library          

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